Slow Cooked Short Rib Stew

short rib stew

March 13th 2013By Tamar Genger MA, RD

This short rib stew recipe can be made in a Dutch oven or a slow cooker, it is one of those set it and forget it meals you will keep coming back to.


Dry Rub Roasted Spare Ribs

Dry Rub Spare Ribs

March 13th 2013By Tamar Genger MA, RD

I cooked these ribs indoors with a dry rub to make them a little bit healthier. Make sure to trim the fat too, even when using a healthier meat like the grass fed beef from KOL foos you still want to take off some of the excess fat.


Beef Back Ribs with Vinegar Based BBQ Sauce (indoors)

Back Ribs with Vinegar Sauce

March 12th 2013By Tamar Genger MA, RD

I adapted this flavorful indoor ribs recipe from a recipe by Thomas Keller. I had never had a vinegar based meat sauce before and now that I have I feel like my taste buds have been opened to a new world of yum. It is much lower in calories than traditional BBQ sauce and it is really wow good.