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Rocky Road Brownies


March 25th 2014By Tamar Ansh

“INCREDIBLE” doesn’t even come close to describing this Passover dessert! And it freezes well, too! Passover chocolate brownies.


Almond Poppy Seed Pound Cake

almond poppy seed bundt cake

March 12th 2014By Tina Wasserman

The following recipe appears in my newest book Entrée to Judaism for Families and contains tidbits for how to make this cake with children. In 1925 the Solo Company started manufacturing pastry fillings and the first two produced were prune filling and poppy seed; the same fillings that Jewish people traditionally used to fill their Hamantashen. I don’t think the owner was Jewish, but Mr. Sokol was from Bohemia where the first prune Hamantashen was made! I created this recipe one Purim. After making all of my Hamantashen I found myself with a little leftover filling in each can. What to do? Make a delicious pound cake that is a favorite!