Trifle Shwarma Salad

trifle shwarma salad

July 31st 2012By Rachel Schindler

Add a layer of any veggie you have in the house. This is a low-fat, no added sugar, high fiber, full of protein, and even low carb recipe that the kids and hubby will eat! A one-trifle wonder!” 246 calories.


Shawarma: Israeli Fast Food

Shawarma open

October 29th 2013By Shifra Klein


Kataifi Nests with Mauritanian Ground Lamb

lamb kataifi

February 25th 2015By Chef Shlomo Schwartz

This dish is an elegant way to wow your guests. You can serve it as an entree or appetizer and bring Israel to your guest’s plate.


Jerusalem Mix Spice Blend

israeli spice mix

February 24th 2015By Chef Shlomo Schwartz

This spice mix was created by me to be able to taste Jerusalem even if I am not there. It puts together flavors of the Jerusalem market and each time you use it you will think you are there now. You can use this spice mix with many meat and chicken dished so make a big amount and keep in the freezer.


Israeli Food: The Fusion Continues

israel pic main

October 24th 2013By Gil Marks


Homemade Shawarma


October 29th 2013By Shifra Klein

Shawarma is a classic Middle Eastern fast food. Piles of meat are layered on a spit with fat and spices, and cooked surrounded by heat. When you order a portion of shawarma, the chef will shave off the exterior layer of meat, which is dripping with spices and flavor. The heat creates a crunchy, juicy bite of meat. As the roasted dark meat is shaved, a layer of pale chicken, not yet exposed to heat is revealed. After rotating one or two times around the heat source, the once pale chicken becomes golden and roasted perfectly, ready for the next individual purchasing a quick bite of Middle Eastern goodness. Shawarama can be made using turkey, lamb, beef or chicken. To recreate the texture and taste of authentic shawarma it is best to use the meat of chicken legs as this meat is fattier and has more flavor than chicken breast. You can use chicken breast, but know that it will not taste as authentic. Double or triple the spice rub recipe for multiple uses. You can also use the spice rub for chicken or turkey kebobs as well.


Fatush Salad – Chopped Fresh Vegetables with Pita Croutons

fatoush salad

February 24th 2015By Chef Shlomo Schwartz

Forget Israeli or Arab salad, this is the real thing! A mixture of vegetables, herbs and crunchy pita bites, once you try it, it will accompany your table every Shabbat.


Easy Mediterranean Roasted Eggplant Pizza

mediterranea pizza with eggplant and brie

May 19th 2015By Chef Zissie

This is an incredibly delicious, out-of-the-box, pizza topping features Sabra Roasted Eggplant. The smoky Roasted Eggplant, creamy brie, spicy jalapenos, refreshing mint and sweet peppery basil are a surprisingly amazing match. Don't trust me, you absolutely MUST try it for yourself. Scroll down to see the video of me and Jamie.