Moroccan Beef Stuffed Artichokes

Moroccan Beef Stuffed Artichhokes

December 13th 2011By Ahuva Staum

Artichoke bottoms stuffed with beef, rice and spices and stewed in a rich tomato sauce until perfectly tender.


Meat Matzo Pizza


April 7th 2015By Sharoni Ozeri

Here is a great appetizer idea for any passover meal! These Meat Matzo Pizzas or Meatzas are a play on Lachmagine, a traditional Syrian dish made with pizza dough and sautéed ground beef.


Individual Moroccan Pizzas

Morrocan Pizza

April 26th 2012By Jamie Geller


Individual Meat Loaves


November 15th 2010By Jamie Geller


Ground Beef Purim Puffs