Warm Potatoe Salad, Green Beans and Horseradish Vinegarette


July 2nd 2013By laurengit24

delicious side dish!


sweet/soy chicken


July 11th 2013By harmoria


Sweet N” Sour Baste-free Turkey


June 18th 2013By [email protected]

I make this every Rosh Hashana and Pesach using Gold's Duck Sauce (honest). But it can be your new Thanksgiving recipe too. It is bone-sucking good. Be sure to generously sprinkle the spices on both sides of the bird, so that you can see the black pepper and paprika on the skin. This is our family favorite and will be yours too. Roast the turkey according to poundage. It is not necessary to uncover the turkey or baste it. If you prefer a darker color, then remove the foil and roast for 10 minutes, no longer. This recipe works on turkey parts too, if handling a whole turkey is too much for you. As with any turkey, the amount of servings depends on the size of the bird. But beware, because of its moist succulence, do not expect too many leftovers.


Sweet and Tangy Meatballs

sweet and tangy meatballs

July 3rd 2013By DnM1217

Makes a wonderful meal served over fluffy rice and some steamed green vegetables on the side!


Sweet and Spicy Sweet Potato Latkes


July 10th 2013By fbogus

A real "Gold" medal winner for your Hanukkah table or any time you serve brisket or roast turkey, sweet potato latkes are a treat.


Spicy Devil’s Chicken


June 27th 2013By fbogus

Skin may be removed from the chicken prior to cooking, if desired.


Shnitzel & Onions Wrap


June 30th 2013By faygie


Ruth’s Brisket


July 19th 2013By DebTheShabbatChef

My mother's excellent brisket recipe! Makes a rich gravy brisket with just a little tang!


Roasted Mesquite BBQ Brisket


July 18th 2013By avrumis


Red Sauce Chicken


July 2nd 2013By harmoria

It is not needed in the recipe, but I sometimes sprinkle a dash of salt and pepper over the chicken before I pour over the sauce.


Onion Chicken Cutlets


June 30th 2013By faygie


Horseradish Tuna Fish


June 18th 2013By shermanb3

combine tuna can with mayo and horseradish


Honey Mustard Chicken Cutlets


July 2nd 2013By faygie

So easy and delicious!


Golden Chicken with Saucy Peaches


July 14th 2013By ohyoucook

Fresh peaches really punch up this recipe! This recipe has been entered in the JoyOfKosher's Go For the Gold's contest.


GoForTheGold’s Recipe Contest *Big Prizes*

Horseradish Pasta

June 18th 2013By Joy of Kosher


Franks in Blanks


July 1st 2013By faygie


Florida Fisherman’s Wrap & Roll


June 26th 2013By fbogus

Make these wraps anytime you need a fast, tasty meal. Substitute leftover grilled fish for the fresh tilapia, if you happen to have it.


Duck Sauce Chicken


June 20th 2013By rivkirox

Great tasting, fast and easy chicken recipe. Favorite go-to shabbos dinner when I'm in a rush. It's also great because the potatoes cooked with the chicken can serve as a delicious side dish. I tend to not use measurements when I cook, but I will try to approximate.


Crunchy Mexican Salad


June 30th 2013By faygie


Crispy Chicken Sticks


July 2nd 2013By harmoria