Strawberry Jalapeño BBQ Chicken Wings

Strawberry Jalapeno BBQ Chicken Wings

December 5th 2014By Melinda Strauss

Instead of just marinating your chicken wings in plain barbecue sauce, jazz it up by adding chopped jalapeno and strawberries for a sweet and spicy kick. I use Gold's Barbecue Sauce for the perfect semi-homemade marinade.


Semi-Homemade with Gold’s Barbecue Sauce

Semi-Homemade Gold's BBQ Sauce Recipes

June 27th 2013By Melinda Strauss


BBQ Cauliflower Cream Sauce

BBQ Cauliflower Cream Sauce

June 24th 2013By Melinda Strauss

If you're looking for a creamy sauce without the cream, this cauliflower cream sauce is perfect for you! For some extra tang, I added Gold's Barbecue Sauce to the cauliflower mixture. You can pour this sauce over pasta, vegetables or pretty much anything you can think of!