Winter Citrus Salad

winter citrus salad

November 24th 2010By Jamie Geller

Citrus is the fruit of the season and it can truly be enjoyed as a salad like this for an appetizer or dessert.


Rosewater & Cucumber Salad

cucumber rosewater salad

July 10th 2014By Chef Laura Frankel

Refreshing and cool! this salad is gorgeous and fragrant. the rosewater makes the cucumbers taste very floral (but not flowery!) and refreshing on a hot day.


Pomegranate and Banana Salad

Pomegranate and Banana Salad

July 18th 2011By joyofkosher


Nectarine and Tomato Salad


June 8th 2014By Erin Gleeson

the Nectarine Tomato Salad. It’s savory and sweet, and does well when made ahead for a crowd. Plus, it feels just a little different, and if you can get juicy ripe fruit from the farmers market, it’s so delicious.


Minted Green Fruit Salad


March 6th 2013By Levana Kirschenbaum

Why leave each fruit all by itself when serving an assortment? Choosing a short and sweet fruit selection and serving it the way you would serve a leaf salad is guaranteed to get everyone to enjoy their fruit more often. My cookbooks offer several fruit-salad combinations: this is one of my favorites.


Jeff Nathan’s Pepper Crusted Tuna on Arugula, Fennel and Orange Berry Salad

Jeff Nathan's Pepper Crusted Tuna on Arugula, Fennel and Orange Berry Salad

September 13th 2011By Alison and Jeff Nathan