Strawberry Banana Ice Pops

Strawberry Banana Ice Pops

June 30th 2015By Melissa Kaye Apter

These strawberry banana ice pops are a no cook/no bake recipe. Just blend the ingredients together, freeze in ice pop molds and enjoy. If you don’t have pop molds, you can also use small cups. Simply cover each cup with a piece of foil and stick a popsicle stick down the center. The foil will keep the stick in place while freezing. This dessert is refreshing, sweet, and all natural. They are a great treat for the kids to eat during the warm summer months.


Frozen Banana Pops


September 20th 2011By Susie Fishbein

Hey, why not throw a frozen banana party and let your friends decide how to top theirs! To get the pops to stand up, like in the picture, cover a piece of styrofoam or floral oasis with tissue paper or wrapping paper. Stick the pops right in for a fun centerpiece.


Fresh Pineapple Popsicles

Pineapple Popsicle

March 7th 2011By admin

If you have never used Pineapple for making popsicles, here is a healthy and sweet new idea.