Sticky Fig Rolls with Dates & Currants

Fig Sticky Buns

October 5th 2011By Jaclynn Lewis

A lovely addition to your Break Fast menu, this super simple recipe is built on a buttery, biscuit-like base and showcases a medley of Fall fruit favorites and a touch of brown sugar and spice, all “rolled” up in a delicious sticky-sweet package. A distant cousin of the cinnamon roll, the Sticky Fig Roll offers a beautiful fragrant sweetness, as opposed to sugary sweetness.


Ginger, Fig and Cranberry Semifreddo

Ginger, Fig and Cranberry Semifreddo

July 13th 2011By Joy of Kosher

Semifreddo, which translates to “half frozen” in Italian, is very easy to make and keep. This is one Chef John Ash, the creator of this recipe, likes to make in the winter. For the puree, use frozen berries. Simply thaw and puree them, strain, and flavor to taste with drops of lemon juice and honey.


Fresh Fig, Carrot, Fennel and Kale Salad

kale and fig salad 1

October 8th 2014By Chef Tami Weiser

An all purpose fall and winter dish is always welcome in my home kitchen. This salad makes use of so many of the treasures of the fall and it’s great for the High Holidays, Sukkot and even Chanukah. If you are serving vegans, substitute 2 teaspoons grade B maple syrup for the honey- it tastes different, but it’s equally delicious and will pair with wonderfully with turkey.


Fig and Blue Cheese Salad with Balsamic Reduction

fig and blue cheese salad

June 26th 2011By Jamie Geller

Take advantage of one of the seasons sweetest treats – figs! They are delicious cooked or raw and this salad combines them with the saltiness of blue cheese and sweetness of reduced balsamic vinegar in a simple yet beautiful starter.


Broccoli Rabe Bounty

Broccoli Rabe Bounty

August 16th 2010By Bonnie Taub Dix

The bitterness of the broccoli rabe is subdued with the sweetness from the figs. This recipe for broccoli rabe will turn anyone into a fan.


Broccoli Rabe and Fig Pasta


June 23rd 2011By Chef Laura Frankel

This Roman dish with bitter broccoli rabe lightly sweetened with figs and an added kick of chili flakes is addicting. We eat this often as it is very quick and easy to put together and is very satisfying.