Gluten Free Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red Velvet Cupcakes

May 7th 2015By Orly Gottesman

There is no better way to get feedback on dessert than a dessert tasting party. Since I was a pastry chef even before I dove into my career as a creator of gluten free flour, I used to host many gluten free tasting parties for both gluten free and non-gluten guests. The focus of my first tasting party was cupcakes. I baked 10 different flavors of cupcakes with Blends by Orly Paris Blend, the Blend I created to prepare cakes and cupcakes. Cupcake flavors ranged from chocolate peanut butter and smores to simply delicious vanilla. The results from my anonymous feedback survey placed the red velvet cupcakes as the most popular flavor. Red velvet cake touts a good balance of flavors because it has a light chocolaty flavor without the ultra-rich character of dark chocolate. A great cream cheese frosting pulls it all together and makes for a beautiful and delicious Shavuot dessert!


Brazilian Style Coconut Truffle Cupcakes

Brazilian coconut truffle cupcake

May 20th 2014By Chef Tami Weiser

Like golden mini pound cakes, these very special cupcakes just burst with coconut flavor and a delicious crumb. They were so good even our most hardened frosting-only lovers gobbled them up. The frosting, if I say so myself, is a novel recipe. My goal was to make a very creamy frosting using coconut oil, with a result that is stable and not greasy at all. Our tester, a longtime pastry chef and baking instructor, was worried. But with a little tweaking, it worked. It really, really worked. Make sure to buy three cans of coconut cream (not sweetened coconut cream or coconut milk) and let those cupcakes cool completely before you frost.


10 Birthday Cakes All Grown-Up

birthday cakes.jpg

July 30th 2014By Rivka Lieberman