Spicy Italian-Style Salami Crostini

Jack's Kosher Tacos

November 26th 2013By Chef Jack Silberstein, CEO & Co-Founder of Jack's Gourmet

Turn Jack's spicy Italian salami into a fancy appetizer for your next party. All you need is caramelized onions and everyone's favorite little pickles, cornichons.


Roasted Garlic Rib Eye Crostini

roasted garlic ribeye

December 6th 2012By Shifra Klein

Crunchy bread, roasted garlic, seared rib steak and balsamic glaze combine to form an elegant substantial bite. An advantage to this dish is that while it tastes amazing warm, it can be served cold as well.


Peas with Ricotta and Mint on Grilled Crostini

Pea Crostini

June 3rd 2012By Chef Laura Frankel

Perfect for a warm weather light dinner, lunch or first course. The sweet English peas and creamy ricotta all piled high on a crostini are a treat for the eye and mouth. This is kind of a spring-time open faced grilled cheese. YUM!


Crostini Trio

crostini trio

September 6th 2012By Florence Doueck Chera

Crostinis are one of my favorite appetizers. Crostinis should not be confused with bruschetta which is also made with bread, rubbed with garlic and olive oil, and is usually topped with tomato and basil. Crostinis are generally made with smaller pieces of bread that are toasted in the oven, while bruschetta is toasted over a grill and is charred. Both can be topped with your favorite toppings. Feel free to turn my crostini recipe into bruschetta!


Cooking To Taste With Beyond My Recipes

crostini trio

September 6th 2012By Florence Doueck Chera