Mille Crepe

crepe cake

April 17th 2013By Chef Laura Frankel

Mille in French means “thousand” and while there really aren’t a thousand crepes, it might seem like it! The recipe is a potchkey but worth it. It is really 3 short recipes that can be made ahead and then assembled up to 1 day before serving. Elegant, delicious and family friendly. Your kids can help assemble the cake.


Csusztatott Palacsinta: Slip Pancake

Slip Pancake (Sweet or Savory)

November 26th 2012By Joy of Kosher


Coffee Crêpe Cake

Coffee Crêpe Cake

November 30th 2011By Paula Shoyer

The French call this a “mille crêpe,” implying that it has a thousand layers, like a “mille feuille,” the French name for the Napoleon dessert. Don’t worry: you will only have to make about 25 crêpes, but that will take some time. This cake has a velvety-smooth texture, and is definitely worth the time and effort. I like to make the crêpes and pastry cream one day, and then assemble the cake the next. If you do not like coffee flavor, you can omit it and have vanilla cream instead.