Salmon with Hibiscus Cream Sauce

salmon with hibiscus cream sauce

July 20th 2014By Chef Laura Frankel

This rich and brightly colored fish is perfect for a spring or summer meal. The tart hibiscus flowers brighten up the rich salmon and cream sauce. I love wild king or sockeye salmon, and I celebrate the season with this beautiful dish.


Light Pasta Alfredo

Light Pasta Alfredo

July 6th 2011By Jamie Geller

My favorite pasta sauces are alfredo and vodka. I find it hard to choose between them. I have been known to order both at restaurants. Hey, sometimes a girl just has to help herself! This lighter version of the classic alfredo goes down just as smoothly as the original.


Fettucine with Pumpkin Sauce & Toasted Walnuts

Fettucine with Pumpkin Sauce

August 3rd 2011By Jamie Geller

Pumpkin is a wonderful fall ingredient to cook and bake with and in this recipe it gets a savory twist as a creamy pasta sauce. Save time by purchasing already prepared squash and try this dish with some of your other favorite varietals like butternut or acorn!


Avocado Cream Pasta

Avocado Cream Pasta with Summer Salsa

September 7th 2011By Victoria Dwek

My family prefers their pasta very creamy—either fettucini alfredo or penne a la vodka shows up on the menu almost every week. But what do I do when we want creamy without the heavy cream? This healthy, refreshing alternative will surprise you.