Fresh Carrot and Corn Soup

Fresh Carrot and Corn Soup

August 20th 2013By The Kosher Butcher's Wife

Carrots are a goldmine of nutrients. For the best taste results, use fresh all the way. You want bright orange carrots, with feathery green ponytails, which seem such a pity to discard, and mealies bulging with perfect rows of teeth that you slice off the cob. Now that's what I call fresh! Believe me, you'll taste the difference between that and anything frozen or precut. What could be better than the sweet taste of carrot and corn soup for Rosh Hashanah.


Creamy Carrot Soup

Non dairy Creamy Carrot Soup

November 30th 2011By Jamie Geller

Carrots are a siman for an increase in our spiritual merits. It’s a play on words; carrots in Yiddish are merren which also means “many.” Wishing that we had more mitzvos on our record this time of year isn’t a shoulda-coulda-woulda guilt trip. It’s a commitment for the future.