Watermelon Coconut Cake with Raspberry Filling

Watermelon Coconut Cake with Raspberry Filling

July 6th 2011By Joy of Kosher


Uses For Leftover Hamantashen Filling

poppy seed cake

March 13th 2014By Tina Wasserman


Leek Patties

Leek Fritters

September 1st 2013By Orly Ziv

A common dish in Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria, this recipe for leek patties (keftes de prasa) is my mother’s. While it is often made with meat, this is a vegetarian version. We typically eat these fried patties at Rosh Hashanah, and the entire plate disappears in minutes!


Hearts of Palm Fritters


June 20th 2013By Chef Laura Frankel

Hearts of palm fritters with homemade aioli are a perfect last minute treat, so easy to make, just keep hearts of palm around and you can make this anytime.


Easy Strawberry Shortcake Dairy or Parve

strawberry shortcake with coconut frosting

May 1st 2013By Chavi Sperber