No-Fuss Pareve Burger Buns

burger buns

August 3rd 2012By Jennifer MacLeod

At the opposite end of the spectrum are these no-fuss pareve buns. When I started craving homemade burger buns, I couldn’t find a dairy-free dairy – milk softens and sweetens bread, which is how the big burger chains serve their buns. This recipe, adapted from the King Arthur Flour website, is soft and sweet with no milk. I used coconut oil (just a bit; you can’t taste it), but you could substitute margarine. If your crowd is hungry, double this recipe. And for a quick and fun winter meal, bake burgers right inside the buns! Pan-fry burgers, mushrooms and onions, then place with some ketchup or pizza sauce inside a rolled-out round of dough. Pinch shut, seal well, and bake 20 minutes until nicely browned.