Vegan No Bake Brownies With Variations

Cappuccino No Bake Brownies

October 22nd 2013By Rachelle Ferneau


S’mores Brownies

smores brownies

October 16th 2011By Nina Sapir


No Bake Cappuccino Brownies

Cappuccino No Bake Brownies

October 23rd 2013By Rachelle Ferneau

Get this recipe is a raw brownie which uses easy-to-find ingredients from your local supermarket. The brownies are gluten free (perfect for Pesach!), dairy free and can be made vegan by substituting agave syrup for the honey. There are variations which I included at the end of the recipe, but feel free to do some experimenting with your own favorite flavors and add-ins as the recipe is very forgiving.


Mocha Brownies with Mocha Caramel Center

Mocha Brownie with Mocah Caramel Center

January 15th 2013By Shifra Klein

This is the ultimate brownie recipe especially for those who love the flavors of coffee and chocolate combined. The brownie is chocolaty and fudgy and the caramel is an original and delectable addition to the brownie. If you have no time or patience to make the caramel, try the recipe without the caramel.


Fudgy Brownies

Fudgy Brownies - these fudgey and cakey brownies are perfectly chocolatey for everyone's favorite dessert

April 15th 2015By Ronnie Fein


Double Chocolate Chewies

Double Chocolate Chewies

September 1st 2010By Joy of Kosher

These cookie like brownies are made easily with a cake mix and taste so good no one will know you didn't slave all day.


Decorated Brownie Bites

Decorated non dairy Brownie Bites

November 27th 2013By Paula Shoyer

These non dairy brownie bites get a colorful decoration that brings them to another level for presentation. They are great treats to fill your mishloach manot. You can decorate them with colored sugars, sprinkles, nonpareils, crushed candies, or nuts.


Chewy Brownies

Non Dairy Brownies

April 15th 2015By Ronnie Fein


/RECIPE/ Raw Date Brownies

Week 15 Raw Brownies Featured Image

February 19th 2015By J.O.K Taster