Goldens Blintz Souffle


March 7th 2011By admin

Looking for Blintzes? Make them into a souffle for Breaking the Fast or Shavuot, this recipe will make it easy.


Easy Overnight Apple Date Danish

apple danish wide

September 29th 2014By Aviv Harkov

New Year, old classic; well that doesn't sounds right. An apple danish is standard all over the world, including Israel. In just about every bakery, coffee shop, and mini market you can get some version of this beloved dessert. When you think about an apple danish, you picture the crisp pastry and light and sweet filling. Often the ones we find at our corner coffee shop fall short of our expectations and we convince ourselves that we can't do better. But we can, and quite easily. You can make the dough and filling the night before and set up the cake after the fast ends or bake the day before. Either way, this is a delicious and impressive looking dessert. We don't have to tell anyone how easy this beautiful dessert is to make.