Rum Raisin Bread Pudding

Rum Raisin Bread Pudding - soak day old bread cubes in a flavorful custard before baking up into this delicious breakfast, brunch or dessert

April 30th 2015By Jamie Geller

My love of all things bread pudding comes from my mom. And my mom's love comes from her mom. You can say it's in our DNA and we didn't really have a choice. My grandmother a"h, on occasion, would even go so far as to eat a piece of fresh, crusty, Italian bread for dessert. So this Rum Raisin Bread Pudding, a "slight" upgrade on a simple slice of bread to end the meal, is for my mom (and grandmom). Don't have day-old bread? Place bread cubes on a baking sheet in the oven at 350 degrees F for 5 minutes to dry out.


Over Stuffed Bread Pudding

over stuffed bread pudding

May 6th 2015By Shushy Turin

“You’ve Always Made Sure I Was” Over Stuffed Bread Pudding: This recipe has everything in it, like an indecisive 7 year old’s ice cream sundae. It’s a great way of showing your mom that no matter how old she gets she still looks young. “Like really young Ma, you could be my sister.” Use your extra bread odds and ends for making this recipe! The fillings I used are just suggestions. Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy with your own ideas for stuffing and toppings!


Marble Cinnamon French Toast Bites

Marble Cinnamon French Toast Bites Recipe

May 4th 2015By Seven Bites

This French toast recipes serves them up as bites, the perfect Mother's day brunch recipe. We love that each bite is fully coated in batter and filled with cinnamon flavor we can't get enough of. The marble color of the challah looks gorgeous and adds a nice change in texture.


Individual Baked Challah French Toast with Caramelized Bananas

Individual Baked Challah French Toast with Caramelized Bananas

August 28th 2011By Jamie Geller

Prep the night before and place in a warm and toasty oven in the AM (If you don’t keep your oven on over yuntif you can bake this in advance and just reheat on a hot plate or in a warming drawer.)


Honey Cake Bread Pudding


August 23rd 2013By Joy of Kosher

Don't worry if you have too much honey cake leftover, this honey cake bread pudding will have you buying or making extra on purpose. Honey cake is the traditional rosh hashanah dessert, but often it can be dry and dense. Even if it comes out perfect, how much of it can you eat? Don't throw it away, reuse it to make a new dessert.


Cinnamon Raisin Bread Pudding with Vanilla Pudding Sauce

Cinnamon Raisin Bread Pudding with Vanilla Pudding Sauce

May 20th 2012By Joy of Kosher


Chocolate Bread Pudding

chocolate bread pudding

September 12th 2013By Shifra Klein

This bread pudding dish has a rich chocolate flavor that makes great use out of a typically leftover staple, bread.


Challah Bread Pudding

Challah Bread Pudding

January 20th 2013By Tori Avey

Tori Avey from The Shiksa in the Kitchen shares her recipe for Challah Bread Pudding with us. Of the recipe, Tori says: Our favorite comfort food here at home is my Challah Bread Pudding. It's so cozy and warming. It's also a great way to use up leftover challah after a dairy Shabbat meal. For more delicious kosher recipes, check out Tori's website


Apple Crunch Bread Pudding and Orange Sunrise Sparkler

apple crunch bread pudding

November 16th 2010By Jamie Geller


Apple and Honey Bread Pudding

Apple and Honey Bread Pudding

November 30th 2011By Chef David Kolotkin