Sweet and Sour “Accordion” Hot Dogs

accordion hot dogs

February 27th 2015By Melinda Strauss

With all of the incredible hasselback salami recipes going around, I decided it was time to make my own version using hot dogs! I've made them in the past using apricot jam and honey mustard but I'm switching it up even more by using Gold's Sweet and Sour Duck Sauce and coarse dijon mustard. The great thing about this recipe is that you can adapt it yourself using your favorite duck sauce flavor and any mustard you have in the pantry. Serve them in buns or cut into pieces at your next party and your guests will definitely be impressed! Why boil a hot dog when you can turn into a crispy "accordion" dog instead.


Portobello Carpaccio with Chimichurri


February 18th 2015By Tamar Genger MA, RD

Capaccio traditionally refers to thinly sliced meat that is served raw, but it is also used to refer to the preparation of vegetables in similar way. For this dish I thinly sliced a portobello and then topped it with an herbaceous chimichurri. I sliced and marinated the mushrooms before cooking them, but you also cook it first and then slice it if you prefer. It makes a really elegant vegan appetizer.


Peas with Ricotta and Mint on Grilled Crostini

Peas with Ricotta and Mint on Grilled Crostini

June 3rd 2012By Chef Laura Frankel

Perfect for a warm weather light dinner, lunch or first course. The sweet English peas and creamy ricotta all piled high on a crostini are a treat for the eye and mouth. This is kind of a spring-time open faced grilled cheese. YUM!


Nectarine and Tomato Salad


June 8th 2014By Erin Gleeson

the Nectarine Tomato Salad. It’s savory and sweet, and does well when made ahead for a crowd. Plus, it feels just a little different, and if you can get juicy ripe fruit from the farmers market, it’s so delicious.


Chopped Parsley Beet Salad

parsley salad

November 11th 2014By ITONOCHEL

This herb and beet salad is a great first course or light supper. The dish stars at one of the restaurants in The Schuster Center, Ramat Aviv.