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Spinach Gefilte Fish Terrine


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Spinach Gefilte Fish Terrine


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Spinach Gefilte Fish Terrine

I learned to make this recipe in Paris with white fish, but I figured the frozen loaf of gefilte just makes it so much easier. Setting up the spinach leaves seems hard at first, but keep going, it comes together.


  • Ready Time : 0 min



  • 2 cups spinach leaves (I used baby spinach)
  • 1 small piece salmon cut the lenght of your loaf pan and aobut an inch thick (use the rest for salmon fish sticks)
  • 1 loaf frozen gefilte fish, defrosted


Preheat the oven 350.

Bring a large pot of water to boil and prepare an ice water bath for the spinach.

Line a loaf tin with non-stick baking paper, wax paper or parchment.

When water is boiling, add fresh spinach and allow to cook until just wilted, about 30 seconds then plunge directly into the ice water bath.

Then line the base and sides of the dish with the spinach leaves, letting them overhang the edge ( to cover the terrine ).

Put half of the defrosted gefilte fish in the tin and level, lay the salmon piece down and then cover with the rest of the fish mixture and smooth the top, fold the overhanging pieces of spinach over the top, cover the terrine with a double layer of foil.

Put the terrine in a roasting dish filled with very hot water, bake for 1 hour.

Remove pan from water, let cool for 10 minutes.

Run a knife around the edge of the pan to loosen, hold parchment and pull out, slice and plate.  Serve with horseradish aioli or horseradish mixed with mayo and lemon juice.

About Tamar Genger MA, RD


Tamar lives in New York and is the mother of three amazing children, a Registered Dietitian, professor of Nutrition, and as you can probably guess, a foodie! Tamar loves to travel with her family and visits kosher restaurants wherever she goes. Although she loves the sights, she spends more time talking about the restaurants and food she ate! As a mom and a nutritionist, Tamar tries to balance her passion for healthy cooking with her insatiable desire for chocolate!




6 Responses to Spinach Gefilte Fish Terrine

  1. avatar says: edahgal

    What a lovely recipe! Too bad the editing on this site is sadly lacking . . . typos don’t look professional!

  2. avatar says: stenlady

    my friend made this and had lots of trouble with the spinach; did you ever make it with frozen spinach instead?

    • I don’t think it would work with frozen spinach, but I remember reading that you could try thin slices of Zucchini, but I have never tried it. You only cook the spinach for a quick blanch so it soften and then they should lay out the way did here.

      • avatar says: arlene29

        What about leeks – if you blanched them and then laid the leaves in the pan, overhanging it like the spinach?

  3. Where do you get a frozen gefilte fish loaf? Or is this something you just put together from the bottle gefilte fish, fashion as a loaf, and then freeze?

    • They sell frozen gefilte loaves at most kosher markets and even some regular supermarkets, there are many brands too, look for it next time.

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