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Persian Dolme (stuffed vegetables, Persian style)


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Persian Dolme (stuffed vegetables, Persian style)


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Persian Dolme (stuffed vegetables, Persian style)

Dolme is the Persian version of stuffed vegetables. hope you enjoy.


  • Prep Time : 20 min
  • Cook Time : 20 min
  • Ready Time : 40 min


4 People


  • ground beef and turkey
  • 1 large zucchini
  • 2 mini eggplants


Start mixing the ground meat together with the turkey, add to the mix salt, pepper, onion powder (Persians often add also cinnamon powder) and 1/4 cup of arborio rice (you can use also Basmati but personally I think is a waste). Rice quantity varies on taste, some people like more rice than meat some people like more meat.
Add to the mixture some plain tomato sauce (unsalted Hunts is perfect). Tomato gives it a good taste so add as much as you want, but you don’t want to get it too watery.

Once mixed, cover and set aside, maybe better if in the fridge.

Now, start working on the raw veggies.

Wash the zucchini, cut them in 3 (as small tubes) and scoop out the insides. You can chop the insides and throw them in the pot where you are gonna cook the Dolme.
Do the same with the eggplants, keep the tops and put them back on once you have stuffed them with the meat, it looks pretty!
Scoop the tomatoes into the pot and keep the top to put back on once you have added the meat.
The onions are the tricky ones: You have to peel them, layer by layer and stuff them, but them on both sides, will will be easier to peel them, I like the smaller onions, but that is a personal choice. You can peel as many layers as you need form the same onion (1 onion can make up to 6 stuffed onions depending on how big it is).
With the prunes, try to dig into the hole and fill them up with as much meat as you can.
Peel and cut the potatoes in chunks and throw them on top, of it you have room, on the side of the stuffed vegetables.
add salt to the potatoes, add more sauce on everything, add some water (till halfway to cover the vegetables).
Cook it on the stove.
Let it boil then lower the flame on the store ’till you see the rice is cooked.

This is pretty much it.





One Response to Persian Dolme (stuffed vegetables, Persian style)

  1. avatar says: MNY

    The recipe ingredient list did not appear to be complete – in the process of publishing my recipe they cut out tons of ingredients – tried to contact joyofkosher but they seem not to care so here is the actual ingredients list:

    - ground beef and turkey (mixed – let’s be healthy!)
    - 1 large zucchini
    - 2 mini eggplants
    - 2 medium potatoes (not to be stuffed)
    - 1 or 2 medium onions (just use the top layers if you want big ones or the insides if you want small cute stuffed onions, you can chop the rest and throw it in the pan, gives the whole dish a good flavor).
    - 2 medium tomatoes
    - Prunes (as many as you want/need I usually do prunes at the end using the leftover meat).
    - salt
    - pepper
    - onion powder
    - Arborio Rice (1/3 or 1/4 of a cup depending on how you like it).
    Tomato sauce (Preferably the plain Hunts or similar brands, please no marinaras! :) ).

    Some people stuff peppers as well, I don’t but you can definitely add it to this dish if you like it.

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