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Passover Matzo Balls


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Passover Matzo Balls


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Passover Matzo Balls

My cousin Bracha gave me this recipe for light, fluffy and perfectly round matzo balls when I moved to Israel and asked her where to find matzo ball mix. I will NEVER go back to making Matzo Balls from a mix again.


  • Prep Time : 10 min
  • Cook Time : 30-40 min
  • Ready Time : 40 min


28 Matzo balls


  • 4 eggs
  • 1/2 cup seltzer
  • 1/3 cup olive oil
  • 1 cup Manischewitz Matzo Meal


In a medium mixing bowl beat eggs with a fork for 30 to 60 seconds.

Add seltzer and oil and beat together another 15 to 30 seconds.

Add matzo meal and mix together until just combined, don’t overmix.  Cover and place in the refrigerator for 30 minutes or until firm.

In a medium sized pot bring 3 quarts of well-salted water to a rolling boil.  Reduce heat to a simmer.

With wet or well oiled hands form matzo balls by gently rolling a  spoonful of matzo ball batter to approximately 1-inch in diameter in the palm of your hands.

Drop matzo balls carefully into simmering salt water one at a time.  Cover the pot and cook for 30 to 40 minutes.

Ladle into soup bowls with your favorite soup or use your favorite Manischewitz broth.
Yield: 28 Matzo Balls


About Jamie Geller


Jamie Geller is the only best-selling cookbook author who wants to get you out of the kitchen – not because she doesn’t love food – but because she has tons to do. As “The Bride Who Knew Nothing” Jamie found her niche specializing in fast, fresh, family recipes. Now the "Queen of Kosher" (CBS) and the "Jewish Rachael Ray" (New York Times), she's the creative force behind JoyofKosher.com and "Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller" magazine . Jamie and her hubby live in Israel with their five busy kids who give her plenty of reasons to get out of the kitchen - quickly. Check out her new book, "Joy of Kosher: Fast, Fresh Family Recipes."




67 Responses to Passover Matzo Balls

  1. I love this website!

  2. Love this site!

  3. avatar says: natalie

    Thank you for that wondeful video! Can you also provide the link for the chicken you used in the video

    thank you
    So happy you are making videos again

  4. avatar says: beki

    wonderfull site thank you for sharing this with us

  5. avatar says: Renee

    I love trying new recipes and would like to add different countries and culter to my recipe box. I am excited to try your Matzo Ball recipe.

  6. avatar says: Yael Even

    Love your site! I was wondering- no salt at all in the recipe?

  7. avatar says: Lisa

    Just wondering…no salt? Won’t they be kind of bland?

    • Hey Lisa – they are cooked in a pot of heavily salted water so that does the trick and then they are enoyed in your favorite tasty soup (chicken, tomato even split pea I put them in everything!)

  8. avatar says: Tobi

    This is the same recipe I use except I use veg. oil. It was my mom’s recipe, but she had a technique. When the matzoh balls go into the boiling water, wait for the water to return to a rolling boil and then cover the pot partially, not completely. This prevents them from getting hard.

  9. yup that’s right no salt — just cook in a pot of heavily salted water

  10. avatar says: Yael Even

    Made these today Jamie- UNBELIEVABLE!!! Thanks so much- they are the best and most important, so easy!!

  11. avatar says: EMarie

    Thanks for the tip! I can’t wait to try this. Happy Pesach!

  12. Why is my mix not hardening? Three tries…Thought I have done everything right.
    Chag Sameach!

    • oooh, ok so it doesn’t harden it just firms up a bit – is still soft — you just want to be sure you can roll it into a ball (make sure to oil or wet your hands bc it’s sticky)

  13. avatar says: Surnamer

    This matzo ball recipe worked beautifully even with Shmura matzo meal. By adding a little more oil and seltzer than I had used with my previous tried and true recipe, insead of darkish, heavy matzo balls, this year I had light, fluffy ones. Todah rabah!

  14. Great recipe. .never thought of using selzer water.thanks for sharing.lysam

  15. I love your matzoh ball recipe. I could never make the balls from scratch. I have used the box for years. I will try yours.
    Thank you,

    • Me too I always made the from the box — you will see now there is no need just as easy and tastes even better

  16. Can’t wait to receive more recipes. Going to make the matzo balls next week. Thank you so much.

  17. avatar says: Stefanie

    Hi Jamie. I am hear in the U.S. and am new to your website. Last year, around Thanksgiving, I tried your Matzo Ball recipe. It came out great. I actually found the recipe as a link to anoher facebook page I follow. It was my first experience cooking Kosher food. I was raised in a Christian home and was not exposed o Kosher food/cooking. I saw your video and decided I wanted to try it. I loved it as did my parents. As as resul of your video I now have an interest in learning more about Kosher cooking and Kosher food. I have seen other videos that you have done. I want to try your recipe for Challah next. Thank you Jamie for introducing me to Kosher ccoking. God Bless.

    • Hi Stefanie! Thank you so much for commenting and sharing a little about yourself. I am happy to know you all loved the Matzo Balls (I just had a steaming bowl of Matzo Ball Soup for dinner last night!). I hope you enjoy making and eating the Challah. Please do let us know and come visit often. With love from Israel!

  18. I love you Jaime. You need, however, hair pins to keep hair from your eyes. But beauty is beauty.

  19. avatar says: Britany

    I made these today and they are DELICIOUS!!! Thank you for the recipe!I definitely will always be making them like this :)

    • oh Britany I am thrilled!!!! you enJOYed them so much! Thanks for commenting.

  20. avatar says: guest

    4 eggs for one cup of matzoh meal? WOW – to make as many as I make I’d have to use a lot of eggs….

    • they are super light and fluffy – and this recipe makes almost 30 matzah balls

  21. avatar says: David

    Hi Jamie. Big fan on your site and often use it to get different cooking ideas.

    I tried to half this recipe since I usually use less matzo balls than what it calls for. However, it came out very loose and I was not able to use them. How would you change the recipe to make about half?

    Thanks very much!

    • thanks David SO much. I would half it exactly (2 eggs, 1/4 cup seltzer, 2.5 TBS oil and 1/2 cup matzah meal) and I would sprinkle/add more matzah meal slowly as needed to get it to a workable consistency (but be careful not to add too much you don’t want it too dense). AND/OR see below comments if you want to make the full recipe and freeze half.

      • avatar says: Barbara

        Hi Jaime. Was so excited to try this recipe but the same thing happened to me as to David – I halved the recipe but the mixture did not harden in the fridge and was too loose to make balls. I even tried adding more matzah meal but to no avail. Why do you think halving it doesn’t work?

        • That’s an interesting question that I don’t know the answer to. I have never halved the recipe only doubled it (LOL!) At least we now know (sorry it was through both your and David’s trial and error) that it doesn’t halve well – but I have instructions in the comments below for freezing (the remaining half for another time).

          • Hi, just to add to those who struggled with half the recipe – I have twice halved this recipe with great success. (My 2 year old demands Matzo Ball Soup at least twice a week apart from Shabbos!) I did not have any problems, perhaps because my 1/2 cup matzo meal was a little heaped? I don’t know, but it turned out super light and fluffy for me each time. Thanks Jamie for the recipe, website and wonderful JoK Magazine! Gut Shabbos from Germany! :-)

            • Hi Sarah Chaya thank you SOOOOOOOO much for this comment and for your regards from Germany – sending you Shavua Tov wishes from Israel to Germany!

  22. avatar says: Jodi

    Love your site Jamie, and planning to make my whole seder from it! Can you please quantify the salt, as I’m new at making Matzah balls, have no clue what “Heavy” means. Thanks!

    • AMAZING! I am so honored. 1 heaping tablespoon of kosher salt. GREAT GREAT GREAT LUCK!!!!

  23. avatar says: Myrna

    I watched you on Kathy lee show the other day Totally enjoyed your recipe

    • AHHHHHH so exciting (it was so much fun!) thanks for dropping by to say “hi” I just made a double batch of this matzah ball recipe for my Passover guests.

  24. Hi Jamie

    Love your web site.
    I am doing a pesach for 70 people. is there a way to do the matzo balls the day before?

    • WHOA BABY!!!!!! yes a few ways 1. make the batter – it can stay in the fridge for up to 2 days before you shape and cook 2. cook and freeze and re warm in soup or water (you don’t even have to bring to room temp before rewarming – just test one to make sure it’s warmed through 3. cook (in advance) and store in the fridge either in soup or in a sealable container for up to 3 days. GREAT LUCK and say hi to your 70 guests from me (HOW DID YOU END UP WITH 70 GUESTS?)

      • Thank you for that. Yes it is a lot of people. Lets just say my husband befriends everyone he meets. Hag Pesach Sameach

  25. avatar says: Joni

    OMG – these turned out great! My first time ever making matzah balls! I had bought some store made ones which were awful, and ended up throwing them out after I found this recipe! Thanks so much! Love your recipes!!!

  26. avatar says: Susie

    Hi, Jamie – chag sameyach! I have always said that matzah balls is one of those things there is NO reason to make from scratch! But, in the spirit of trying new things, I’d like to try your recipe. Two quick questions: Does the mixture need to rest for a full 30 minutes in the fridge? And, can I cook these directly in the soup (will there be enough seasoning)? Thanks so much! PS – Your challah still gets rave reviews EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    • Hey Susie – I agree in theory about some foods from scratch but some things are just so easy and so much better that it’s worth it! (Using the mix requires practically the same number of steps/ingredients/time!) As for your Qs: 1) It needs to rest the full 30 minutes or until firm so it may even take a touch longer. 2) you can cook directly in the soup but consider two things 1- your soup may get a bit cloudy and 2 if your soup isn’t on the salty side then add a few pinches of kosher salt to the raw matzah ball mixture. (PS – SO HAPPY ABOUT THE CHALLAH!!!! :-)

  27. Thank you, Jamie! I’ve gone back & forth between the mix and the home made versions, and get a variety of results. But I came to your site looking for RH dishes, watched your matza ball video, and now I’m raving about you and your technique all over social media! Thank you, and shana tova!

    • REVA you are the awesome-est! So happy you watched and raved! Shana Tova!!!

  28. avatar says: joan

    Do the eggs and seltzer need to be at room temperature?
    Also, could you use 4 egg whites in place of 2 of the whole eggs?

    • Hi Joan I don’t believe I have ever been careful to ensure the eggs and seltzer are room temp so I don’t believe it matters much either way. As for the egg whites yes you can sub, you will still have the fluff but you may sacrifice just a touch on taste and color although not sure it will be too discernible. Please if you try t let us know how it comes out.

  29. avatar says: Gail

    Will this recipe work with gluten-free matzo meal? I have a guest this year who is gluten free, oy!

    • OY YOY! I sorry but I am not sure as I haven’t tested it and really it’s such a prime ingredient and not simply a small amount/filler.

  30. avatar says: Claire

    I do not use oil and seltzer. 1 egg makes 2 matzo ball. Add black pepper, and salt. Cook it not more than 10-15 minutes. Light as a feather.

    • Thanks Claire for sharing. So to clarify you are saying 1 egg to how much matzo meal?

  31. avatar says: Lorraine

    Is seltzer water not a leaving agent that would be consider wrong for Passover?

    • No it is not considered a leavening agent and is kosher for passover (with certification of course).

  32. avatar says: Esther

    I want to try to make those. I am sure they are great. I have one question, can I store them, make them a day a head, if yes, the how? Must it be always in the water? Or can I keep in container dry?

    • yes they can be made ahead and kept in the fridge or frozen and either dry or in your soup/broth. see how is that for easy?

  33. avatar says: Yosanah

    These are indeed the best matzo balls I have ever eaten or cooked! Thank you Jamie!

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