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Leftover Turkey and Sweet Leek Pie


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Leftover Turkey and Sweet Leek Pie


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Leftover Turkey and Sweet Leek Pie

This is a wonderful post-Thanksgiving dish that makes the most of the leftover Turkey but I love it so much that I have been known to buy turkey specifically for this dish! It's so incredibly filling and freezes well, so don't worry if you're not hosting people right after Thanksgiving, defrost it in a few weeks when you want comfort food for Friday Night dinner!


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  • 1.5 pounds Turkey Breast
  • 1 box pre-made puff pastry
  • 3 or 4 Leeks


Gently heat your olive oil in your favorite, large (cast iron) skillet. Add your diced red onion and leeks, and allow them to cook for about five or six minutes until they start to turn see-through. And a salt and pepper to taste and your fresh thyme then turn down the heat and cover so that they continue to cook but the moisture stays in. Stir every five to ten minutes so they don’t burn.

Once your leeks are soft and juicy, dice/shred/tear your turkey meat in to the skillet and slowly add up to 2 cups of your (home-made) chicken stock. Gently sprinkle the flour in to the skillet while continuing to stir and allow the gravy to thicken and coat the rest of the ingredients. Be sure to do this slowly.

Take a large, deep, baking pan and dust a surface with flour. Roll out your pastry so it’s roughly double the size of your dish. If you have chestnuts, great! Crumble over one half of the pastry and tear some fresh sage leaves over the chestnuts. Fold the plain half of the pastry back over itself to envelope the chestnuts and sage.

Now, spoon the mixture from you skillet in to the baking dish and make sure it’s even. Lay the pastry on top of the mixture and tuck in the edges. This dish is a little rustic so worry not if it doesn’t look perfect. Add a pinch of salt to your beaten egg and brush the pastry with your egg-wash. Score the pastry and bake on 350 for about 40 minutes or until the pastry is golden brown.

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