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  • Ready Time : 0 min



  • 1 can wet chickpeas (you can also use dry beans and soak them, but I just find this easier)
  • 3 cloves of garlic, cut in half length-wise
  • 4-5 tablespoons olive oil
  • Zaatar to taste (available wherever specialty foods are sold, may be sold as “dried and ground hyssop”)
  • pinch salt, to taste


Ok, so this is SUPER easy. Take all of your ingredients and place them directly into a food processor. The trick to creamier hummus is to leave it in your food processor for a long time (I would say about 5-7 minutes altogether, but you can try it for longer if you want super-creamy hummus. If you do not have a food processor, you can also use a hand or immersion blender for this recipe.

About Marna Becker


Originally from Delaware, Marna Becker now resides in Jerusalem with her husband, Yaakov. When she is not experimenting with new "quick and easy" recipes, she can be found working with her team at Israel Maven Tours, where where she manages both marketing and client relations efforts. From a young age, Marna helped both of grandmothers in the kitchen before family celebrations and credits these two extraordinary women with her passion for good food.




3 Responses to Hummus

  1. I can’t believe there is no tehina in your Chummus, I thought that was traditional?

  2. Hi Tamar,

    You are right, no techina. You are the second person to notice that. It may be traditional, but my husband and I are not fans of it. So we go without it, and the hummus still turns out great!

  3. avatar says: ptaylor

    I also add cumin and pesto.

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