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Honey Chicken


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Honey Chicken


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Honey Chicken

A tasty and economical way to feed a crowd during the holidays, this chicken dish is sweet but never cloying.


  • Prep Time : 5 min min
  • Ready Time : 5 min


4 servings


  • 1 chicken, about 3 1/2 pounds, cut into 8 pieces
  • 3/4 cup honey
  • 1/4 cup soy sauce
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon black pepper



  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Lightly grease a 9 x 13-inch pan with non-stick cooking spray.
  2. Rinse chicken, pat dry and place in prepared pan.
  3. In a small bowl, mix together honey, soy sauce, olive oil, garlic powder and pepper and pour over chicken.
  4. Bake, uncovered, at 375 degrees for 1 hour until slightly browned.

Contributed by: Quick & Kosher, Jamie Geller

Despite its name, this chicken is not too sweet. The olive oil, soy sauce, garlic and pepper temper the honey perfectly.


About Jamie Geller


Jamie Geller is the only best-selling cookbook author who wants to get you out of the kitchen – not because she doesn’t love food – but because she has tons to do. As “The Bride Who Knew Nothing” Jamie found her niche specializing in fast, fresh, family recipes. Now the "Queen of Kosher" (CBS) and the "Jewish Rachael Ray" (New York Times), she's the creative force behind JoyofKosher.com and "Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller" magazine . Jamie and her hubby live in Israel with their five busy kids who give her plenty of reasons to get out of the kitchen - quickly. Check out her new book, "Joy of Kosher: Fast, Fresh Family Recipes."




48 Responses to Honey Chicken

  1. avatar says: Susie

    Do I have to use the oil?

  2. Hi Susie, you don’t HAVE to use anything :-) should be ok if you omit it. Try it and let us know.

  3. simple, sticky and sooo good!

  4. avatar says: Marcy

    cld this chicken be served at room temp (ie shabbat lunch)? Thanks!

  5. Hey Marcy – if you like your chicken on the bone at room temp then yes absolutely :-)

  6. avatar says: Anora

    Hi! Can I use garlic paste instead of garlic powder? Thank you :)

  7. Hi Anora – the garlic here really just lends a very subtle layer of flavor so that this dish is not overly or annoyingly sweet – so yes the paste would work – just add according to taste

  8. avatar says: Zahava

    Yum! saw this recipe in your cookbook at my sister’s house and made this chicken for her. I prepared the chicken and then put it in the freezer, covered. Then took it out of the oven 2 days later and baked it. Came out really really good, and tasted a little Chinese. Thanks for this awesome and easy recipe!

  9. avatar says: Marcia

    The recipe looks wonderful. I am thinking of making it for Rosh Hashanah dinner. Do you think I can use boneless chicken breasts and pieces without the skin? Nobody eats the skin so I hate to marinate it and then throw it out with all the flavor.

    • yes absolutely! the most important thing though is be sure not to overcook your chicken breast cutlets — that goes for any recipe though, not just this one :-)

  10. avatar says: mindy613

    This chicken was delicious! With Friday nights getting earlier, I will be having more company and this is a perfect saucy chicken to make. Very easy too.

  11. avatar says: valstav

    So delicious! Every Shabbos I make this everyone always loves it, children love it too which is fantastic! Thanks for the quick and yummy recipe!

    • I am so so so so happy! thank you so much for taking the time to share!

  12. avatar says: KK

    Excited just found your awesome site and absolutely love and appreciate everyone that shares. There are so many new recipes I need to try which one for Shabbos first :0) ? I feel like a little girl, I’m so excited…Thank you for being who G-d wants you to be .

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a beautiful touching compliment. It means a lot that you took the time to share with us and comment. So happy you discovered our site please explore, enjoy and comment away!

  13. avatar says: yd321

    This chicken was very good. I made two trays. One I baked right away after pouring on the sauce. The second tray I made the sauce for and refrigerated the sauce overnight before pouring on the chicken. I saw a difference right away. The sauce was much thicker and stuck on the chicken better. Both versions came out good but the one with refrigerated sauce came out amazing and with perfectly glazed chicken!!

    • I love this tip!!! I will start to use it myself!

    • avatar says: Alexea

      Thank you to Jamie for posting the recipe and thank you for posting this tip! I am currently refrigerating a honey mixture so I can use it on some boneless chicken breast strips. I am only going to refrigerate it for a couple of hours though, because I can’t wait until tomorrow to try this chicken!

  14. avatar says: Laurie

    Can I marinate the chicken overnight?

  15. avatar says: Lcar

    Used this recipe for chicken kabobs! Delish! Thanks!

  16. Love love love this recipe! thanks! I added ketchup the next time I made it, about the same amount as honey and it was even better!

  17. avatar says: Binoy

    I want to make it small pieces of 1 inch square. Please advice how many minutes should it be kept in the oven at what temperature. thank you.

    • Bake it at 400 degrees F for about 12-15 minutes or until chicken is cooked through.

  18. avatar says: Mark

    Hi Jamie! How do you do this by frying instead of baking the chicken?


    • WOW – people always ask the opposite — how to turn a fried recipe into a baked one – LOL this is the first such opposite request and for this recipe I would not recommend frying, sorry.

  19. avatar says: Sara

    Thanks, it is scrumptiouse!! :)

    • YAY – so happy you think so! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  20. avatar says: Shevy

    I want to try this for tomorrow. In the video I think you said to bake covered and then uncovered but I don’t see that instruction here. How exactly do I bake it?

    • so sorry if I said that (and confused you) it’s uncovered the entire time as per the “written” directions posted in the recipe above.

  21. avatar says: Debbie

    Thank you for all the recipes you post. Made the Hasselback potatoes last night, and they were super yummy! I hope this chicken tastes like the delicious chicken we had in Israel last year. I think one of the places used date honey. Can’t wait to try this!

    • OH DEBBIE! Thank you! For commenting and visiting and sharing your feedback. So happy you enJOYed the potatoes – we love that recipe. Hope you guys also loved the chicken. BTW – you can sub in honey for date honey here in equal parts.

  22. avatar says: Wendy

    I am definitely not your average Kosher Cook because I can not cook! Now that my daughter is getting older I want to make sure when she gets married she will know how to make beautiful meals for her family. Stumbled upon your website by accident and we fell in love with you! You make it so easy looking . We decided to try one recipe a week. We started with Baked Ziti, yum! Now this week the Honey Chicken. Thank You :) )

    • YAYEEEEEEEEEE WENDY!!!! I am so thrilled you stumbled upon us by accident (such a happy accident!!!). I didn’t know how to cook (when I got married) either (not a thing!) and so I hope you’ll find most of my recipes simple (they look easy cost more of them are easy :-) and delish. G-d willing your daughter will be a star in the kitchen and everywhere else in life! Let us know how you liked the honey chicken. BIG, BIG HUGS!

  23. avatar says: kmbr1028

    This recipe was delicious, however; for some reason it over flowed in my oven. The oil was bubbling like crazy. Not sure what I did wrong? I transferred the chicken to another baking dish to finish cooking. It still had great flavor! Any ideas what might have gone wrong?

    • OYEEEE… wow? ok I never had that happen… let’s think… did you whisk everything together before pouring on top? did you use a large enough baking dish? the chicken shouldn’t be totally submerged. And are you sure the oven temp was only at 375?

  24. avatar says: Hmgl77

    This looks great! Can this chicken be cooked in advance? How well does it freeze and reheat on a blech?

    • it is GREAT! so I am not a fan of cooking and freezing chicken but if you really want to then use just the dark meat it’s much more forgiving. Happy cooking in advance!

  25. avatar says: hml

    Looks great! How well does this recipe freeze, and reheat on a blech?

    • see answer above. regarding the blech it reheats well enough – just like any other chicken dish.

  26. Hi! I am making this for Rosh Hashannah and am using boneless skinless chicken breasts. How long should I cook the chicken for? I am notorious for overcooking chicken breasts. Shana Tova and all the best! Thank you for helping make me a better cook all the time!

    • oh Ann!!! So happy to hear from you and so sorry my response is late – I was traveling before RH and only now digging out of a crazy email hole. OK so don’t worry – boneless, skinless, chicken breast cutlets are one of the absolute EASIEST!!! protiens to over cook – they are so delicate and temperamental – it’s hard to cook them through to the point of moist and juicy vs overdone and dried out – and it’s really hard to give you an exact cook time bc it depends on thickness so if you still insist on making this with boneless skinless chicken breasts depending on thickness they could take anywhere from 10-15 minutes or up to 30 mins — also depends if they are totally immersed in the sauce (which I recommend to keep them moist – so that means double the sauce if you have to). Great luck!!!

  27. I had kosher chicken sent in by bus and by the time I got it, it was completely defrosted. Now I need to cook it or I am afraid it will get bad by the 2nd Friday of Pesach. Can I use the honey chicken recipe and freeze the casserole for next week? Or do you have a different recipe that freezes well?

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