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Crispy Chicken Sticks


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Crispy Chicken Sticks


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Crispy Chicken Sticks


  • Prep Time : 15-20 min
  • Cook Time : about 30-40 min
  • Ready Time : 15 min



  • 1 Package of thin cut chicken cutlets (about 6 pieces inside)
  • 1/3 cup Mayonnaise
  • 1/3 cup Honey
  • 1/3 cup Gold's Deli Mustard
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Cooking Spray


1. Mix mayonnaise, mustard and honey in a bowl until well blended. If you need more of the mixture just add equal amounts of each ingredient.
2. Cut chicken cutlets into long strips.
3. Place strips in mixture mixing well until strips are well coated.
4. Bread chicken strips covering all sides (put breadcrumbs in a clean bag, add chicken and shake for faster breading).
5. put parchment paper on or spray cooking spray on a pan(flat big ones are good).
6. Lay coated strips on pan and bake uncovered in oven at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes or until done. (optional: Spray top of pieces with cooking spray before putting in the oven and half way through baking you can flip the strips so that all sides get crispy)

Serve with your favorite dip!





2 Responses to Crispy Chicken Sticks

  1. avatar says: Hadassah

    It would be helpful if it is indicated in all recipes whether they can be frozen or not. Such as the question with the Kishka Chicken Roll Up where you indicated it’s best to freeze before cooking.


  2. avatar says: sarabenb

    Could you let me know if this can be frozen please? thanks

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