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Amazing Technicolor Dream Cakes


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Amazing Technicolor Dream Cakes


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Amazing Technicolor Dream Cakes


  • Ready Time : 0 min


24 cupcakes


  • 1 box of vanilla or white cake mix (or your favorite cake recipe)
  • red, blue and yellow food coloring


1) Prepare cake mix per package instructions. Separate batter into smaller bowls equaling the number of desired colors for the finished cake (I used six).

2) Using food coloring, color each bowl of cake batter your desired color. Red + Blue = Purple, Blue + Yellow = Green, Yellow + Red = Orange.

3) Fill cupcake cups with batter: Spoon approximately one teaspoon of each color into the center of the cupcake wrapper (the addition of each spoonful will spread the batter. layer beneath to spread out). Repeat for all cupcake cups. Using a butter knife, fold the batter in each cup 2 to three times, in different directions, so as to slightly mix the colored layers, and finish up by drawing a “figure 8″ in each cup. The colors should remain distinct, so do not overmix.

4) Bake cupcakes per package instructions and frost and decorate as desired.

Optional: For added interest, add a few drops of fruit extract to each portion of colored batter for a “tutti fruitti” cake; for example, cherry for red, lime for green, orange for orange, etc.

About Allaya Fleischer


Born in Bangkok, Thailand, Allaya is a kosher chef and food writer specializing in Pan-Asian, and Asian fusion cuisines, who draws from her experiences living and traveling internationally, as well as the diverse friendships she's made throughout the years.  She is also an avid baker of artisan-style bread from around the world. Read Allaya's blog - I speak food  Allaya is a frequent contributer to Bitayavon Magazine, as well as other printed and electronic publications.




4 Responses to Amazing Technicolor Dream Cakes

  1. avatar says: michele

    can you please give a recipe for the topping. Also can this be made in advance and frozen?

  2. Hi Michele,

    The topping seen here is just purchased vanilla frosting with decorative sugar on top. To make the coil, simply transfer the frosting into a zip loc sandwich bag, cut a hole in the corner, and pipe on in coils. You can make the frosting rainbow colored as well by separating frosting into smaller portions, coloring them with food coloring, and then placing the colored frosting back into the bag (take care not to mix the colors too much in doing so. Pipe as directed above, and you should get a tie dye effect frosting. :)

    I have not tried freezing these cupcakes, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Frost when thawed.

  3. avatar says: michele

    Thank you. I will try it this Sun. and see how it works out.

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