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Favorite Food: Chicken. Chocolate. Hot soup.
Food I Dislike: canned peas
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Favorite Cookbook: Dining In and The Spice and Spirit of Kosher Cooking
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Favorite City: Jerusalem
Cooking Level: Good Amateur
Cooking Style: Healthy

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  • Hi Jamie! My daughter, Temima, tells me that you met in Israel when she was in the Jerusalem Culinary Institute there. Guess what! I ate artichokes and adored them when I was a kid, in Washington Heights, Manhattan. We always dipped them in mayo. That was before we discovered that there was a bug problem and that you can't cook them whole. I'm wondering now, after reading your blog, if there is a way to pull off the leaves, clean them, and THEN cook them. When I have a chance, I'll check out your recipes. Thanks again for your site.
    - by yael110

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