Marilyn Sultar
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Member Since: 09-18-2013
Favorite Food: Potato Latkes
Food I Dislike: Mushrooms
Favorite Gadget: Whipped Cream Maker
Favorite Cookbook: Rochester Hadassah Cookbook
Best Kosher Restaurant: Ginsburg & Wongs (if it s...
Favorite City: Myrtle Beach,
Cooking Level: Intermediate
Cooking Style: Fancy

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coconut ambrosia hamantashen Coconut Ambrosia Hamantashen
03/06/2014 Add Notes
green-beans-almondine Green Beans Almondine
03/06/2014 Add Notes
Roasted Lamb with Lemon Potatoes Roasted Lamb with Lemon Potatoes
09/18/2013 Add Notes
zucchini-butter Zucchini Spread with Dukkah
09/18/2013 Add Notes



I am a 66 year old Softa of 3 who enjoys baking, cooking, knitting, crocheting, RPGIng, playing Gardens of Time on Facebook, reading and writing.� I also love to do crafts and make jewelry.� I love to learn and i love to blog.Oh, yes...almost forgot to tell you, I am happily married to the best man in the world!


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