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About wheatgirl

I am a pastry chef and cookbook author and host of I wrote A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking (Whitecap Books 2009), The New Best of (Whitecap Books 2009) and A Passion for Baking (Oxmoor House 2007) and my newest book due in fall 2011 is The Baker's Four Seasons (Harper Collins). I write for the Washington Post and New York Times, and can be heard on Martha Stewart Sirius Radio as a guest.

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  • Marcy- Your Friday Night Bread Machine Challah recipe is my favorite! It works every time. So delicious!
  • Love love love your Jewish Holiday Baking book. It is my go-to book. I am not ashamed that my copy is dog-eared and shmeared. Not a bad recipe in the bunch. Thank you for writing it!
    - by Ruth Okon

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