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Retired civil servant. �Still an activist, though! �Lived in Mexico, the U.S., Canada and Brazil, and traveled extensively in Europe and Latin America. �I'm fascinated by the intersection of all these cuisines and Jewish cooking -- so many foods and dishes are available to kosher cooks just as they are, or can very easily be adapted to kashrut without losing their "authenticity." �With some of the excellent new pareve dairy substitutes almost every dish is now within reach of the kosher cook! �

I like just about all cuisines, although I'm most strongly attracted to different ethnic foods. Latin American food particularly attracts me, having spent significant parts of my life there. Mexican and American food is what I grew up on, so those are my "comfort" foods, but I've also grown to love Brazil's little-known and very varied cooking, as well as cooking from all over Latin America. Give me a good empanada or enchilada and I'm a happy camper!


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