Alex "The Kosherologist" Idov
JOK Points: 5
Member Since: 01-02-2014
Favorite Food: shabbos food
Food I Dislike: fish
Favorite Gadget: garlic mincer
Favorite Cookbook: Ingredients by Loukie Werle & Jill Cox
Best Kosher Restaurant: Wolf & Lamb Steakhouse, N...
Favorite City: Yerushalayim & Atlanta
Cooking Level: 4th generation foodie and cook (son of a baker)
Cooking Style: Jewish Soul Food & More

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Alex Idov( AKA 'The Kosherologist' ) is a food blogger who runs the blog 'Kosherology' and a contributing food columnist to multiple websites and print publications across the U.S. He is currently attending Kennesaw State University (near Atlanta, GA) for his Bachelor of Science degree in Culinary Sustainability and Hospitality. Visit his website, 'Kosherology' @


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