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Originally from North Carolina (a GRITS - girl raised in the South), but have lived in Israel for the best part of the past 31 years.

In my first apartment (a 2-room ground floor sort-of furnished place), the frig didn't fit in the actual kitchen so sat just outside in a little alcove in the hallway. �For cooking, I had a 2-burner gas "cooker" - NO OVEN! �Second apartment came with the 2-burner gas "cooker" but also a plug in electric oven - well - about the size of a microwave, it sat on the counter - would hold a standard size baking dish is about all or a small cookie sheet.

BEST purchase from the beginning - a WONDER POT, in which I learned to make cakes, baked chicken, even meatloaf and more.

Anyway - with all that life experience while loving my new home in Israel, I became a licensed tour guide and now take visitors all over this amazing, beautiful, miraculous, though often-frustrating country!


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