Shoshana Ziskind
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Member Since: 06-07-2013
Favorite Food: Too many to list and my YH has a different ansewr [; Fresh and quick and bonus my kids will actually eat it too.
Food I Dislike: my kids won't eat. Oh wait that's most food. Okay let's see here: most fish I eat has to be warm, I'm sure there's more but I can't think of any at the moment,
Favorite Gadget: food processor
Favorite Cookbook: for basics: The "purple cookbook" but I'm not using that many cookbooks lately. I tend to do google searches, and look here.
Best Kosher Restaurant: Abigails.
Favorite City: Tsfat or Yerushalyim
Cooking Level: inpatient
Cooking Style: mish mash!

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cucumber gaspacho Cucumber Gazpacho
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Strawberry Kugel Rustic Strawberry Kugel
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