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About The Kosher Butcher's Wife

Sharon Lurie is The Kosher Butcher's Wife. Written in a humorous, fun style, Sharon's first book, Cooking with the Kosher Butcher's Wife, set out to dispel the old myth that kosher meat is tough, dry and boring and in doing so, took the monotony our of mince and put the bounce back into Brisket. In her latest book 'Celebrating with the Kosher Butcher's Wife, Sharon takes you on her trip down memory lane, where she proves traditional recipes don't have to be tired and old fashioned, but rather, very trendy and abosulutely delicious.. Visit Celebrating with the Kosher Butcher's Wife!

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  • In my mother's Hungarian kitchen, red cabbage was a constant side dish with red meat. The one thing I always urge those who want to enjoy red cabbage is watch the sugar. A little bit goes a long way. Too much sugar will spoil the dish.
    - by julika
  • Hi Carol, Red cabbage has always been very popular in our home. Whether it's sweet and sour cabbage (served hot) as an accompaniment to brisket or this room temp.relish. Somehow the red cabbage gives a "colourful" look to the meal. In fact, I have a recipe for (roit-kroit mit appel- red cabbage with apple) from a recipe book published over 40 years ago called "So eat, my darlin" a guide to the Yiddish kitchen ! I have to admit I prefer making my stuffed cabbage blintzes with green cabbage rather than red as the leaves are bigger. Red Cabbage in SA is a lot smaller than green,a little more expensive, however, very popular in salads. Have a wonderful Pesach.
  • Hi, I was wondering about the Red Cabbage Relish that accompanies your Glazed Brisket Slab recipe. I have a friend who is not Jewish who has told me that Red Cabbage is a very common vegetable served at Jewish holidays. My background is Ashkenazic on both my parents sides and we never had it for any of our holidays or at any other time that I can remember. If we had cabbage, it was the green kind and it was cooked, like for stuffed cabbage. Anyway, this is the first time I've seen the red kind mentioned in a Jewish recipe and now I'm thinking my friend may be right, but seeing it maybe in South African or Sephardic recipes? If you can give me any history of Red Cabbage in Jewish cuisine, I would love to hear about it! Thank you! Carol Janssen
  • Can this dish be made a day or 2 ahead of time? Can it be refrigerated or frozen and defrosted/reheated before serving?
    - by joanhm

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