Sara-Ann Lipson
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Favorite Food: Chocolate
Food I Dislike: Liver but I love chopped liver
Favorite Gadget: knife sharpener probably gets the most use.
Favorite Cookbook: Jewish Cookery by Leah Leonard
Best Kosher Restaurant: I don't have a favorite
Favorite City: San Francisco Bay Area
Cooking Level: Pretty good. Great baker
Cooking Style: Eastern European, Italian, Mexican, Chinese

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Coffee Halvah Coffee Halvah
07/25/2013 Add Notes
Dvoras Simple Sweet Challah Dvora’s Simple Sweet Challah
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Marble Halvah Marble Halvah
07/25/2013 Add Notes

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Born and raised in Cleveland Heights, Ohio 2/11/49. Moved to San Francisco age 22, '71Fabulous Jewish and classical education thanks to my parents of blessed memory. Learned to cook and bake at my mother's knee, literally. First successful pesach sponge cake made solo at age 6! Taught Hebrew, became a nurse and had to give up teaching. Married age 40 in 89 and lived in Chicago for a little over 2 years then moved to Henderson NV. I would have loved to stay in CA but my husband wanted to live in LV. Started as an LPN/LVN in 1968, went back to college (I had started in Cleveland) in SanFrancisco and became an RN (ASN) then continued and got my BSN then MSN and now I am 64 and teach Nursing.I am the youngest of my parents 4 children. My stepmother and father had 2 children so I am blessed to have a baby brother and a baby sister that are both very accomplished adults with children of their own. My husband and his first wife provided me with the 4 children I had always wanted and they have so far provided me with 6 grandchildren. I am blessed to have many wonderful friends that are as family to me. Many nieces and nephews that I love fiercely many of whom are more like my children. We have been very blessed with fabulous choices made by them all for partners and wonderful great nieces and nephews. We have had too many funerals but many more mitzvot and simchot and have learned that we all must return to GD and that is never an emptyness that can be filled but life goes on until it doesn't any longer. Learning that life of your siblings and parents as well as all those you touch and touch you is a gift that is only loaned and must go back to the lender in His time. Or the Universe's time or however you can relate to the higher power who has a plan we cannot know. And that's my story!


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