Rochelle Rothman
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Favorite Food: Chocolate Mousse
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Favorite Gadget: Tupperware Smooth Chopper
Favorite Cookbook: Not Just A Cookbook
Best Kosher Restaurant: T-Fusion Steakhouse
Favorite City: Venice, Italy
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"Rochelle is a Mom of six and Bubie to many more, kinaraha! Her cookbook can be seen at It also features many “multi-ethnic” recipes that were adapted for the kosher cook. Rochelle’s book examines food around the year by month. Her new DVD recipe organizer includes the book. What a GREAT gift! Rochelle is available for cooking demo events for fundraisers, hotels, stores, as well as private Tupperware demonstrations. Rochelle is often asked to share her amazing Freezer Tricks demonstration at many locations including several national televsion shows. She is a columnist in the FJJ (Flatbush Jewish Journal) and The Jewish Press, plus a contributor to other publications. Contact her at


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  • love reading the recipes even if I don't get around to cooking them all . diana

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