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I am 26 old guy from a little state in the US of A. I keep kosher, but not glatt kosher when eating out. I will also have k kosher products as well, but they are not meat.

I was diagnosed with Chrohns in my senior year in high school 2003. I was put on a plethora of medications for it ranging from, Remicade (was givien through IV), dicyclomine, asocol, and metamucil (not medication but fiber!). Nothing really helps. The† one I stuck with was asacol and had to exercise at least 3 times a week to keep the gut cramps manageable. Exercise helps move the lymph nodes around somehow and the endorphins help with pain management. Tylenol works as well but I reserve it for really severe cramps.† Also heat pads and spraying the stomach area with magnesium oil will reduce pain significantly in bad situations.

I created this blog as a sort of journal of my progress to ideally exceptional, stress and medicine-free health. I also want to get the elusive 6 pack which I’m probably 10-20 pounds away from. Another even more important to is network with others who want to get healthier and keep kosher. Although I think the guidelines will help even people who don’t keep kosher but want to be healthy. At some point, when I get a large enough audience I’d like to set up a forum and someway of users creating custom content and possibly blogs linked to this.

Being kosher should be synonymous with being healthy.


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