Marilyn Bauminger
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Member Since: 12-27-2011
Favorite Food: chicken
Food I Dislike: blue cheese
Favorite Gadget: julienne peeler
Favorite Cookbook: I have several favorites!
Best Kosher Restaurant: Abigael's
Favorite City: Boston
Cooking Level: intermediate
Cooking Style: kosher

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About Perrie


I am a 67 year old housewife with 3 grown kids; I love to cook, and keep a kosher home.� I am always interested in learning something new!


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  • Hi, Jamie, Just got your latest issue of Joy of Kosher. Since the 9 days are coming up, I glanced at the ricotta recipes you published. There is an omission in the recipe SPELT & RICOTTA SAVORY CAKE. you omitted the amount of ricotta cheese required. I would appreciate hearing from you - I'd really like to know how much ricotta the recipe calls for. Thanks a bunch!
    - by Perrie

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