Abbey Wolin
JOK Points: 18
Member Since: 08-30-2012
Favorite Food: Lasagna
Food I Dislike: Yogurt
Favorite Gadget: Immersion Blender
Favorite Cookbook: Kosher By Design
Best Kosher Restaurant: La Pizza in North Hollywo...
Favorite City: NYC
Cooking Level: Intermediate
Cooking Style: Non measurement kind of gal

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About not2shabbey


For the past 12 years, Abbey Wolin has been bringing creativity back into the classroom. She has held positions as a regular and special education teacher in various school and Yeshivos around the United States. She is currently the owner and lead designer of Not 2 Shabbey. A company specializing in hand painted glassware and giftware. You can reach Abbey Wolin at or by visiting


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