Hilary Goldenberg
JOK Points: 6
Member Since: 04-17-2013
Favorite Food: Anything with lamb.
Food I Dislike: I haven't met a food I didn't like.
Favorite Gadget: Cuisinart hand mixer.
Favorite Cookbook: Quick and Kosher recipes from the bride who knew nothing, by Jamie Geller.
Best Kosher Restaurant: Wolf and Lamb!
Favorite City: Miami, FL
Cooking Level: Lifelong cook, but still learning
Cooking Style: Eclectic

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Please visit my Kosher cooking blog- mywifethechef.com

I am a mother, wife, and major foodie! I love experimenting and creating magic in my kitchen, and more importantly, I love sharing recipes ;).

 One of my dreams is to write a cookbook, so I thought starting my own blog detailing my various food endeavors would be a fabulous jumping off point. Thanks for sharing this journey with me ;)


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