Melissa Kaye Apter
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Favorite Food: Pasta. I know I'm supposed to say some sort of dessert, but then I would be lying!
Food I Dislike: Brussel Sprouts
Favorite Gadget: My cast iron grill pan
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Best Kosher Restaurant: Sushi Metsuyan
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About Melissa Kaye Apter


Melissa is a classically trained pastry chef who uses her expertise to create delicious kosher desserts. She started her baking blog, Lil' Miss Cakes, to share her easy kosher pareve recipes and over the top cookies and cake creations. �Yum!


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  • I just saw your blog as a nominee for the best of awards, it is beautiful. Would love for you to fill out your profile and submit some of your recipes. They would be great to feature in Shabbat Menus and even recipe of the day. Make sure to put your sit in the About Me so it will show up on your recipes.

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