Leslie Hoddeson
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Favorite Food: too many to choose
Food I Dislike: brussel sprouts and tarragon
Favorite Gadget: garlic slicer
Favorite Cookbook: Too many to choose from....
Best Kosher Restaurant: Epstein's Kosher Deli
Favorite City:
Cooking Level: advanced
Cooking Style: several

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Pumpkin-Seed-Brittle-Broken Pumpkin Seed Brittle
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Happily married for 27 years and mother of 2 great boys 23 and 20. I have my own personalized invitation and party favor business for over 13 years. I love to cook and bake. I make most of all holiday celebrations at my home. I am a member of jewish-food@yahoogroups which is a world-wide online food community with over 2,100 members from 45 countries. I have emailed with wonderful people online and gotten some fantastic recipes from them that are in my "keeper" files. I am always looking for new and unique dishes and dessert recipes.


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