Kathleen Hubert
JOK Points: 3
Member Since: 10-22-2011
Favorite Food: Steak
Food I Dislike: Durian
Favorite Gadget: laptop
Favorite Cookbook: Gordon Ramsay Makes It Easy
Best Kosher Restaurant: Shilo's
Favorite City: New York
Cooking Level: Good
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About Kathleen Hubert

I love life and the things that I am blessed with. I have passion in writing, cooking and reading. I have huge interest in food, traveling and sports like surfing, basketball and soccer. I wish to meet new friends and able to share great things especially when it comes to cooking. I want to learn more and be the best! Kathleen Hubert is a blogger who writes on a variety of different sites. Check out more of her work at Lahaina hotels.

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