Katherine Martinelli
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Favorite Food: Pasta. Or anything Italian.
Food I Dislike: Canned tuna fish
Favorite Gadget: Cuisinart immersion blender with chopper and electric whisk attachments - the only kitchen item I brought when we moved to Israel!
Favorite Cookbook: How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman (and so many others!!)
Best Kosher Restaurant: Topolino in Jerusalem
Favorite City: Rome. Everywhere.
Cooking Level: Self-trained enthusiastic home cook
Cooking Style: Laid back and rustic

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About Katherine

A native New Yorker, Katherine Martinelli is a food writer with a serious itch for travel. In 2010, having never been to Israel, Katherine quit her job, packed her bags, and set off on her latest adventure with her husband. She's happily settled into life in the Middle East and is busy freelance writing, food blogging, discovering the local markets, deciphering what makes up Israeli cuisine, and cooking up a storm. She’s excited to travel around Israel and use it as her jumping off point to explore the world. Katherine writes about what she’s cooking and eating at KatherineMartinelli.com.

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