Doris Atkinson
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Favorite Food: potatoes, cooked any way
Food I Dislike: liver
Favorite Gadget: It's silly. An egg timer that goes into the pot when boiling eggs. We get perfectly cooked eggs now.
Favorite Cookbook: An old standard - Better Homes New Cook Book
Best Kosher Restaurant: I'm new to this and haven...
Favorite City:
Cooking Level: Very experienced, but not professional
Cooking Style: Flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, enthusiastic, experimental

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47 years old, wife, mother of three boys, mother-in-law of two wonderful young women, and grandmother of two boys. My interest in kosher cooking comes from an addition to our family - my youngest son's fiancee, who is a kosher vegetarian. I love cooking and tend to cook at least one favorite dish for every person at my table. For example, Thanksgiving dinner means mashed potatoes with beef & noodles for my oldest, a broccoli dish for my middle son, bread and/or stuffing for my youngest, my special cranberry relish for my father-in-law, etcetera. Adding a kosher vegetarian (who does eat fish) to the family stumped me for a while. I don't eat fish often and never cook it. I also had no idea how to cook kosher. Thankfully, sites such as this are teaching me wonderful recipes that will tempt the whole family!


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