annette turner
JOK Points: 86
Member Since: 09-11-2011
Favorite Food: Too many to choose from!
Food I Dislike: liver (ugh!)
Favorite Gadget: videlia chopper
Favorite Cookbook: Quck & Kosher (of course!)
Best Kosher Restaurant:
Favorite City: Jerusalem
Cooking Level: Intermedate/Advanced
Cooking Style: Varied

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About annette

I have been cooking since I was 9 years old & made "scrambled pancakes" for my father's breakfast! Since them I have become more experienced in the kitchen & have evolved into an eclectic cook. I love cooking all types of international food. Eventhough I am an Ashkenazi baalah bustah, I have become known for my Middle Eastern foods as well as "old home style cookings"

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