cindy ziv
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Favorite Food: green salads
Food I Dislike: okra
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Favorite Cookbook: spice and spirit - lubavitch
Best Kosher Restaurant: Grill Time-Miami
Favorite City: new york
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Cooking Style: messy

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Vegan Chocolate Rum Cake Chocolate Rum Cake
09/28/2012 Add Notes
Date and Honey Glazed Chicken Thighs Date & Honey Glazed Chicken Thighs
08/20/2012 Add Notes
Date Glazed Roast Chicken Date Glazed Roast Chicken
08/20/2012 Add Notes

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5o plus year old mother of 5, mother-in-law of 1, former social worker, English teacher and real estate broker...transplanted Montrealer living in Miami

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