Harmony Sage Fried
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Favorite Food: Anything Italian
Food I Dislike: Manufactured cakes
Favorite Gadget: Immersion blender
Favorite Cookbook: LaDuree Sucre
Best Kosher Restaurant: Tishbi Winery
Favorite City: Piana De Sorento
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Orange Honey Cake Recipe
10/06/2011 Add Notes

About Harmony Sage Fried

I am a mother of two wild boys and a pastry chef currently living in Northern Israel. Having a natural affinity for all bread products I spend most of my time up to my elbows in dough or in front of a hot oven. All worth it for that perfect bite.

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  • Dear harmont, so grt to hear u again! Remember me? Im from milan, we were in venice tog few summers back? My husband would love be incontact ur husband. Wonder y u love italuan food! I do too! Let us know if come italy again, Shabbat shalom, chanie

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